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Why Choose My Online Training?

Do you want to get fitter and healthier? Then my online training app will help you hit your personal fitness and nutrition goals with lasting results.

Whether you're new to exercise, returning after injury or a break, stuck in a training rut or struggling with motivation, my app will give you the personalised expert support you need.


My online programme gives you the flexibility to choose where and when to workout. It’s made to fit your life whatever else you’ve got going on, whether you’re a busy parent, a shift worker, on a work trip, on holiday. You don’t need a gym and you can take your programme with you anywhere you go!


Depending on your goals, I will modify your workouts so your body keeps progressing. This will allow for maximum results and continuous self-improvement, whatever your fitness levels or abilities. Plus, with my customised nutrition plans, you will have specific macro nutrient guideline to help reach your goals.


If you have the desire to improve, my programme will motivate you throughout your journey. Weekly reviews and reassessments monitor your progress to help ensure you consistently achieve your fitness goals. With in-app messaging for questions and analysis, you have expert support when you need it.


You log your workouts via the quick and easy app. This allows me to see what sets, reps and weights you are working with and we can analyse progress together. The app allows me to see when you start and finish your workout and when you hit a personal best!

About Me

Introducing Paul Reynolds Fitness

Specialising in coaching for attaining a healthy lifestyle, fat loss, muscle building and strength and conditioning, I provide online personal training that’s made to fit your life helping you attain your very own fitness goals and lead a healthier lifestyle.

I am a qualified fitness professional (BSc Sport and Exercise Sciences, 2014) with over 10 years’ experience, working with a wide range of people from absolute beginners to competitive athletes and everyone in between. I help those focused on looking great for a special event such as a wedding and people with injuries and medical conditions for whom I appropriately adapt exercises.

My expert coaching includes providing personal training, developing and leading intensive group exercise programmes and instructing classes. Now you can benefit from my extensive experience and expertise through my online training. I will help you:

  • Establish a healthy lifestyle
  • Feel amazing in your body
  • Be inspired to continually self-improve to achieve your fitness goals


What do you get?

Online Delivery

IOS/Android Training App.

Unlimited access to your plan anywhere and anytime.

Personalised tracking so I can stay up-to-date with your trainings.

In app messaging for questions and analysis.

Exercise Library with demonstrations and descriptions of 100s of different exercises.

Personal Service

Personalised tailored programming to fit your goals.

Customised nutrition plans with macro guidelines for your specific goals.

Programming with injury consideration.

Weekly review and reassessment.

Comprehensive fitness assessment and lifestyle analysis.


Online Personal Training includes:-

  • Paul Reynolds Fitness Training App
  • Initial Phone/Skype Consultation
  • Personalised Programming to Fit Your Specific Goals
  • Customised Nutrition Plan for Your Specific Goal
  • Weekly Check Ins and 24/7 In App Support
  • 100’s of Videos with demonstrations and descriptions
  • Access Your Plan Anytime, Anywhere

8 Weeks


12 Weeks



Here's what some of my clients say about the programme

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